Seasonal threats? Managed naturally ..


So, the sun is shining (on and off, anyway) here in the northern hemisphere and the roses on the house are simply glorious. Crops are in the fields and ripening beautifully. The bees are enjoying happily productive long, long days and our barn is now full of firewood for the coming winter .. it’s a pollen-filled, dust-filled extravaganza!

Happy days!

At least until the itchy, watery eye and scratchy throat thing arrives with all it’s discomfort and tries to take the fun out .. eek!

With a little drumroll, I am excited to say, now is the time to pull out my natural healthcare kit and grab the trusty trio of essential oils that will quickly have this dilemma on its knees .. lemon, lavender and peppermint .. taadaa!

But why, I hear you ask? Because, my friends, I am over popping a little white something for each and every ailment that comes my way. I have been horribly guilty of the over-self-medicating lark and the time has come to lighten my toxic load from the inside, as well as out!

Nowadays, I use 1-3 drops of each of these 100% pure oils in a small shot of water and down the hatch it goes. It makes for a refreshing and interesting start to the day, that I quite like actually, and helps keep me in control of my health naturally.

NB I love and trust doTERRA essential oils for their quality and purity. Their exceptionally high standard of sourcing and testing ensures that they are 100% pure and they are the only oils I would consider safe to ingest.

Want to give it a try but scared of the taste? For the faint of heart (or littluns) I suggest you combine the same oils in a veggie capsule and down that with water. Alternatively, you can combine all with a tablespoon of fractionated (light & liquid) coconut oil for topical application across the bridge of your nose, behind ears or under feet. Some blinking may be required from the menthol in the peppermint but, for me, it’s a good affect and passes quickly.

However you use this whizz-bang little treatment it really is the bomb for getting on top of those seasonal threats and staying there. Crazily enough, in Aus, I found I needed it in Autumn too with the second hit of natives flowering!

Use daily in a proactive approach to your health and well-being or as and when you are struck by the need.

Little and often is always the best approach with these intensely effective oils.

Bonne chance! Bonne été! xx

Reach out and answer that push to a healthier you .. I would so love to help! 🙂

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