My name is Shelley Phillips and I happily call myself a professional homemaker, cosmic adventurer and smoothie-chugging health nut.

As a nomadic Australian, I have lived in Aus for just 3 of the last 23 years. More than a decade exploring the world from Tabuk, northwestern Saudi Arabia, and before that nearly another in the West Country of England as a Fly Navy wife.

Returning to Australia this year, with my darling husband Gav, our roots are now being blissfully driven deep into the white sand beaches of the south coast in Jervis Bay.

As we hopped round the globe, I have merrily played at everything from Qantas “hostie” to tea lady; from big budget footwear buyer to Dorset hotel chef in training.


Today, I work to create this small space in a life split between beachside Aus and country France. I work to fill it with all that I find beautiful, useful, tasty or just simply fabulous. For my pleasure, and perhaps yours ..

Living well. Eating clean. Reducing toxins. Cooking from scratch. Being organised. Loving. Laughing. Learning. Running. Swimming. And always, always enjoying this journey through our gloriously good life.

I thank you for your visit.

Shelley 🙂