Chicken Soup : Immune Boosting, Gut Loving, Warm Hug Food

The change in the seasons. The push of a schedule. Late nights. Early mornings.


A cold coming on? In progress? Slow to leave?

All reasons, I say, to MAKE CHICKEN SOUP!

Nothing packaged. All natural. Bone broth based. Slow cooked goodness to heal your gut and boost your immune system.

If you feel you are running at less than 100% I urge, urge, urge you to make soup, snuggle up, give yourself a break and sup on soup.

Bound to have you firing on all cylinders soon .. enjoy!

My absolute, all-time fav is the Jo Whitton classic lemon coconut chicken soup .. what’s yours?

PS I know this is a Thermomix recipe but easy peasy to adapt, I know from experience 😉

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