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Seasonal threats? Managed naturally ..


So, the sun is shining (on and off, anyway) here in the northern hemisphere and the roses on the house are simply glorious. Crops are in the fields and ripening beautifully. The bees are enjoying happily productive long, long days and our barn is now full of firewood for the coming winter .. it’s a pollen-filled, dust-filled extravaganza!

Happy days!

At least until the itchy, watery eye and scratchy throat thing arrives with all it’s discomfort and tries to take the fun out .. eek!

With a little drumroll, I am excited to say, now is the time to pull out my natural healthcare kit and grab the trusty trio of essential oils that will quickly have this dilemma on its knees .. lemon, lavender and peppermint .. taadaa!

But why, I hear you ask? Because, my friends, I am over popping a little white something for each and every ailment that comes my way. I have been horribly guilty of the over-self-medicating lark and the time has come to lighten my toxic load from the inside, as well as out!

Nowadays, I use 1-3 drops of each of these 100% pure oils in a small shot of water and down the hatch it goes. It makes for a refreshing and interesting start to the day, that I quite like actually, and helps keep me in control of my health naturally.

NB I love and trust doTERRA essential oils for their quality and purity. Their exceptionally high standard of sourcing and testing ensures that they are 100% pure and they are the only oils I would consider safe to ingest.

Want to give it a try but scared of the taste? For the faint of heart (or littluns) I suggest you combine the same oils in a veggie capsule and down that with water. Alternatively, you can combine all with a tablespoon of fractionated (light & liquid) coconut oil for topical application across the bridge of your nose, behind ears or under feet. Some blinking may be required from the menthol in the peppermint but, for me, it’s a good affect and passes quickly.

However you use this whizz-bang little treatment it really is the bomb for getting on top of those seasonal threats and staying there. Crazily enough, in Aus, I found I needed it in Autumn too with the second hit of natives flowering!

Use daily in a proactive approach to your health and well-being or as and when you are struck by the need.

Little and often is always the best approach with these intensely effective oils.

Bonne chance! Bonne été! xx

Reach out and answer that push to a healthier you .. I would so love to help! 🙂

Owie Spray .. for kids of all sizes!

So! I didn’t think I was accident prone BUT turns out it’s a fab idea to keep this little bottle of goodness made up and handy at my house just now!

It all started with a tumble on a bush trail run a few weeks ago .. clumsy!

  • I treated minor grazes and bruising to the arm that broke my inelegant splat on the track.
  • Then it was a smashed-in-the-door finger needing treatment. Day one of home renovation is dangerous! Who knew?
  • Next (we think!) spider bite .. do spiders bite or sting? Possibly white tip nipping me on the wrist. Possibly bringing in the washing? So, no more washing it is then! 😉

Caution! Bush track. Beware trip hazards ..



I have this homemade skin remedy made up, ready to deal with all my ‘owie’ situations.
A natural, safe and gentle antibacterial wound spray that can help with cuts, abrasions, bites, stings, infections,
trauma and any other skin irritations that come my way.

PREP TIME:  5 mins    MAKES: 30 ml

Make Up this all natural “owie” blend in a glass spray bottle (about 30 ml or 1 oz) with:-
Frankincense     10 drops
Lavender            10 drops
Melaleuca           10 drops

Fill the bottle with doTERRA Fractionated (liquid) Coconut Oil and screw the top on tightly. ?

Shake the bottle before each use to distribute the oils.

Apply regularly to anything that hurts!

Enjoy the goodness!

Reach out and answer that push to a healthier you .. I would love to help! 🙂

*This trio of wonderfully pure essential oils are just a few of those I am loving exploring down here. We smell like a fabulously healthy spa retreat these days, and it’s good! 

Curious? Here or abroad .. just drop me a line on .

Happy to share the joy ..


Washing day meets natural, healthy, clean!

So, at the risk of sounding like a white’s-must-be-white clean freak, I want to share with you why I love washing .. or maybe it’s why I love washing now?

I love this process because, after years of living in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, I have a clothes line .. outside .. in the clean air!

I can peg up my clothes, dry them and bring them in! Sometimes in the sunshine. Sometimes in a blithering rush as the rain starts to pelt down. Always with that uplifting little click of the pegs hitting the basket.

I also have a laundry! With a sink for soaking (yes, absolutely, those white’s must be white) and joy of joys, I have found the means to make every load count as a way to better health for my family.

Really! Almost too much excitement for this bunny to bear.. lol .. I am laughing at myself here as I actually do mean every word of this and, yes, that does mean I am obsessed. 🙂

But, whether washing rocks your world or is just a never-ending chore to be endured, we can all benefit both physically and emotionally from improving the way we wash our clothes.

This everyday process can be simpler, cleaner, greener, cheaper and ultimately better for our health. It’s the perfect place to start reducing the toxic load placed on our lives by the synthetic nasties tucked into our day .. and yes-we-can still end up smelling sweet!

Why wouldn’t you?


Prep Time: same as now
Takes: same as now
Makes: twice as many loads as now


washing powder/liquid (see below)
bi-carb soda
white vinegar
100% pure essential oil of your choice, I love lemon or the Purify blend


  1. Use half the normal amount of your washing powder etc along with 1/3 cup of regular bi-carb soda.
    Manufacturers directions and a heavy hand have us over-using massively here. The excess detergent residue this leaves behind has an adverse effect on us, our clothes, our washing machines and the environment. Less equals win win win.
  2. Add a cup of vinegar to your softener compartment along with 2-3 drops of essential oil. I like Purify or lemon but you choice depends on your taste. Just make sure you choose a 100% pure oil with no synthetic fillers and you are adding only goodness.
  3. Be organised. If it’s not easy, you won’t do it!
    I like my stuff in jars, lined up and easy access .. whoops! Another obsession ..
  4. Done!

Little points of very big note ..

  • When searching out the “best” detergent look for one with no petroleum products, phosphates, chlorine, optical brighteners or synthetic fragrances and dyes.
    It can be tricky but you will find “the one”! Or join me in trying Soapnuts !
  • The bicarb and vinegar are natural fresheners, brighteners and softeners. All this whitening power is further amped up if you can line dry in the sunshine.
  • Adding the essential oil hit with your rinse will ensure any unwelcome smells are long gone. It also gives us that reassuring hint of fragrance we have come to expect from our clean clothes but without the synthetic toxins of fragrance filled softeners.
  • For my buds who live in the lands of dryers only I am about to pull together the easiest, cleanest, best smelling home-made dryer sheet option yet ..  hold on!
  • For my buds who need the extra boost of stain removal power .. hold on too .. but the vinegar/bicarb mix will transform your whites as-is!
  • Options for choosing your best wash day oils equally inbound along with why they benefit us emotionally too.

So much goodness to share .. busy day at the keyboard .. but after a swim thank you very much!

Local or international curiosity about these glorious oils oh-so welcome. I use, share, sell and love them .. drop me a line to find out how you can too .. happy to share the love. Shelley xx

Reach out and answer that push to a healthier you .. I would love to help! 🙂


Purify Anti Everything Spray

Healthy Home Remedy | Clean, green surface spray

Slowly but surely converting our home space away from chemical nasties and onto homemade clean, green and natural products.

Happily sharing with you today this little recipe from a recent “Detox Your Home Workshop” I was lucky enough to attend. How good is that?!

Just loving learning and sharing such good-for-us info .. more coming at you soon! 🙂


This mix of gloriously pure essentials oil and good old white vinegar is my go-to for both kitchen and bathroom these days. No more gut-flora depleting anti-bacterial sprays .. just honest to goodness fresh, clean, happy homes.

PREP TIME:  5 mins    MAKES: 240-ish ml

Make Up your clean, green oil blend in a glass spray bottle (about 240 ml or 8 oz) with:-
10 drops lemon – to act as an invigorating, refreshing antiseptic;
10 drops Purify – to remove odours and for its powerful disinfectant qualities; and
10 drops On Guard – 
for its strong abilities to kill harmful bacteria, mould and viruses. 

Fill the bottle with half white vinegar and half water and screw the top on tightly. 😉

Shake the bottle before each use to distribute the oils.

Apply liberally to anything you wish to leave squeaky clean and germ-free. Wipe down with a clean cloth or kitchen towel if necessary or just leave it to air dry.

Enjoy the goodness!

*This trio of antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, anti-fungal, deodorising, sanitising and wonderfully pure essential oils are just a few of those I am loving exploring down here. We smell like a fabulously healthy spa retreat these days, and it’s good! 

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Happy to share the joy ..

What the heck is oil pulling?

Up early this morn, enjoying some quiet time and squeezing in a little early oil pulling!

Agreed, that does sound a dodgy start to the day but, the fact is, I have been sneaking out of bed early for this morning practice more than a year now. One, two or, happy-days, three times a week if I can manage it.

Absolutely best done first thing before anything else (tooth brushing, coffee, food). I go for it if I am up early enough to avoid my boy. This saves us both a whole lot of poorly executed daybreak mime during the 20 minutes or so it takes me to finish. 😉

A fly on the wall seeing the first time Gav toddled along mid-swish would have had a right chuckle. Suffice to say hand signals do not cut it in an explanation of how/why/where you got the yes-perhaps-a-little-bonkers idea to pop a tablespoon of coconut oil into your gob and jiggle it about for 20 minutes before then jettisoning the whole lot into the bin. Hehehe.

Never heard of this lark? Neither had I before my desert dwelling neighbour provided  enlightenment. Merci. 🙂

A little read of this post about the why and how might help me to convince you to give this ancient Ayurvedic practice a go. As a relatively long-time convert, I can only say, this bunny is feeling the benefit and encourage you to expand your horizons too.


No, it does not replace brushing but for me the added health benefits I derive from this three-step process (oil, salt rinse, brush) – far outweigh the weirdness of the event. I just tie it in with whatever else I do to the start of the day: social media, email, journal. To date I have, quite sensibly in my opinion, avoided downward dog. 😉

If you Google the topic you will find lots of reasons it’s good for you (along with those saying it makes no difference at all!) but having had days I have actually felt little bits of I-don’t-want-to-think being “pulled” from between my teeth (but I swear I brushed last night!) I am sold.

In complete disregard to decorum I will admit I have even seen the teeny culprits in the milky white remains I mistakenly inspected in the sink! NB I say mistakenly as you can actually block your drains this way .. don’t do it .. inspect in a saucer while you still need validation of your morning silliness and then progress to a confident spit in the bin, is my earthy recommendation. 😉

For the last 5 months I have improved the pleasure factor of the process tenfold by adding in a drop or two of peppermint oil. Said improvement, my friends, leaves me with a minty tang and fresher breath than my morning brushing alone can provide. I am also happy to absorb all the therapeutic benefits of a great hit of gorgeously pure peppermint in the a.m. An energising and uplifting addition to my morning routine.

Prep Time: 1 min
Takes: 20 mins

1 Aus tablespoon (20ml) pure coconut oil (organic if available)
1-2 drops peppermint oil

Pop both into mouth and swish about for 20 mins. Do not gargle. Do not swallow. Spit into the garbage when finished. Rinse mouth and teeth with a weak solution of salty water (I use Himalyan Pink). Brush teeth (and tongue) as required.


Little points of note ..

Trying this for the first time in a cool climate? You will find your coconut oil solid .. never fear as it soon goes liquid in your mouth and quickly allows the required mouth shooshing to proceed with as much abandon as you can muster at this hour of the morning.

If you get a “stretched mouth” feeling with the full tablespoon, spit a little out into the bin until you feel comfy and unlikely to dribble. That can be unsightly. Another reason to go solo on this. 😉

If 20 mins seems too long and your mouth is getting tired, stop. You will progress longer next time. Go with what you can do, enjoy, build up! Training your cheeks to move like this is a new experience. Maybe enhances cheek bones too? Who knows?


In this, as in all things, be gentle on yourself. Well done you for having a go I say!

Love to hear how you fare! Funny stories greeted with joy.

Local and international curiosity welcome on all things oily.

Whoops! Sunburn ..

Christmas Day has been spent here up and down to the beach. An early dip to blow the cobwebs out; a late morn relax with shrieking boogie board session; and a late afternoon, big girls only, float about in the not-too-scary rip.

Now, clean after the last shower of the day, a peak in the mirror shows me some far too “pink” patches!

Wowsers! This Aussie sun has a little nip, doesn’t it? Silly me because I surely know this, right? And, after all the lectures I have supplied Gav over the years for the use of blockout, I say “Whoops”!

 Never fear .. help is on hand though in my fab and growing oily toolkit ..

Reposted from my gorgeous friend Margie at check out this fabulous soothe and fix, after-sun spray ..


Make Up the oil blend in a little glass bottle (about 120 ml or 4 oz) with:
20 drops lavender – to soothe and assist with discomfort;
20 drops peppermint – for a cooling sensation; and
20 drops frankincense – 
a super important addition for cellular renewal and inflammation

Fill the bottle with fractionated coconut oil to dilute. 

Shake the bottle before each use to distribute the oils.

If you want to use on your face FYI spray into your hands and smooth onto your skin being sure to avoid the peppermint in the eyes scenario 😉

 Repeat several times a day or as required for relief.

Top tip? Don’t let yourself get burnt in the first place .. but if you do? Don’t lash yourself and spray away! 🙂

Healthy Home Remedy | Sherbet Lemon Dishwasher Powder


I am so excited to share this with you. Foolishly excited actually!

I know, I know .. it seems unlikely but .. what looks for all the world like a simple, home-made dishwasher powder recipe is also my very own, first happy step along the path towards our toxin-free home!

Interested in following my clean, green journey?

Why not have a go at this easy peasy, make-my-thrifty-mum proud recipe? It smells so good you’ll want to eat it …. just don’t! 😉

Recipe adapted from The Naturally Clean Home

PREP TIME: 10 mins    MAKES: approx. 30 loads


2 cups washing soda
2 cups borax
6 tablespoons citric acid powder
30 drops pure lemon essential oil*

Mix all together well and store in an airtight container.
Use two tablespoons load.
Enjoy the fresh, clean lemon fizz as you make your dishes squeaky clean.

*Lemon essential oil is just one of the wonderfully pure essential oils I am loving exploring down here .. my boy says we smell like a spa! 

Want to know more? Drop me a line on . Happy to share the joy ..