Why use a sToop to poop?

OK, my lovelies. Brace yourself. The day has finally come when I get to talk toilet and pooping with your feet up!

Don’t rush off in fear now .. this is actually going to be great! I promise. ūüėČ

Right. So. Some of you have been privy to this discussion for many a long year. Some of you are relatively new to such potty talk. ALL of you, happy days, can benefit from what your about to learn as I introduce you to my beautiful and functional little toilet footstool .. the sToop!

What the heck, I hear?

For the uninitiated, it is widely accepted (not least by the two thirds of humanity who naturally squat to poop) that Western toilets do not help us achieve the optimal position for easy and complete defecation. Sitting upright, with your knees often not even at 90 degrees, equates to varying levels of strain that can lead to a gamut of potential health problems. Of which, constipation, haemorrhoids, incontinence,  colon disease, prostate and gynaecological dysfunction name only a few.

The solution? When we raise our feet by placing them onto the sToop, we elevate our knees higher than 90 degrees and mimic the squat position in a readily achieved manner. In this way, we naturally attain a fuller, easier emptying of our bowel.

Sorry to the squeamish .. almost there ..













I, like anyone who has ever suffered gut or digestion issues, know the value of popping my¬†feet up to poop. Indeed I gravitated to this solution¬†before I even knew the science! Too much information!, I hear my boy say. ūüėČ

The¬†struggle then became for me to find something I would enjoy seeing in my home while fulfilling this functional task .. drawing a blank on the beautiful card for such a¬†useful item¬†I was compelled¬†to¬†create my “sToop” to benefit¬†us all!

The long and short on your sToop?

Ideally proportioned to attain a comfortable squat position.
100% Australian artisan made.
Hand crafted in recycled Australian hardwood.
Lovingly branded and oiled.
Ready to sit happily and oh-so helpfully in your home.

Purchase price of AUD$160
includes free Australia-wide p&p.




Overseas order? Contact me for a quote on delivery.

I hope you love yours¬†as much as I do mine! ūüôā

Contact shelley@homehearthealth.com.au













4 thoughts on “Why use a sToop to poop?

  1. Lizzie

    You little ripper (hahaha!) well done Shelley – I’ve loved watching this adventure from a thought to a product.


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