Whoops! Sunburn ..

Christmas Day has been spent here up and down to the beach. An early dip to blow the cobwebs out; a late morn relax with shrieking boogie board session; and a late afternoon, big girls only, float about in the not-too-scary rip.

Now, clean after the last shower of the day, a peak in the mirror shows me some far too “pink” patches!

Wowsers! This Aussie sun has a little nip, doesn’t it? Silly me because I surely know this, right? And, after all the lectures I have supplied Gav over the years for the use of blockout, I say “Whoops”!

 Never fear .. help is on hand though in my fab and growing oily toolkit ..

Reposted from my gorgeous friend Margie at www.vitalityoils.com.au check out this fabulous soothe and fix, after-sun spray ..


Make Up the oil blend in a little glass bottle (about 120 ml or 4 oz) with:
20 drops lavender – to soothe and assist with discomfort;
20 drops peppermint – for a cooling sensation; and
20 drops frankincense – 
a super important addition for cellular renewal and inflammation

Fill the bottle with fractionated coconut oil to dilute. 

Shake the bottle before each use to distribute the oils.

If you want to use on your face FYI spray into your hands and smooth onto your skin being sure to avoid the peppermint in the eyes scenario 😉

 Repeat several times a day or as required for relief.

Top tip? Don’t let yourself get burnt in the first place .. but if you do? Don’t lash yourself and spray away! 🙂

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