Filling some blanks ..

46 south Duba, Saudi Arabia

My name is Shelley Phillips and I happily call myself a professional homemaker, cosmic adventurer and smoothie-chugging health nut.

More about the crazy mix of me as time goes on, but for starter’s I wanted to introduce myself a little .. it seems polite. 🙂

As a nomadic Australian, I have lived in Aus for just 3 of the last 23 years. More than a decade exploring the world from Tabuk, northwestern Saudi Arabia, and before that nearly another in the West Country of England as a Fly Navy wife.

As I hopped round the globe with my darling husband Gav, I merrily played at everything from Qantas “hostie” to tea lady; from big budget footwear buyer to Dorset hotel chef in training. Saving the best for last, school secretary at Tabuk Primary School filled my heart with joy. Only recently have I stopped grieving my retirement from Tabuk’s beating heart.

Living in Saudi, we had the thrill & blessing to see a country hidden from most while ticking off a diverse wish list of destinations to melt for. Whether camping in a snowstorm high in the Cordillera Blanca, vomiting for 3 days on a yacht bound for Antarctica, or glitzing it up with the stars in Maldivian heaven, I discovered the chameleon in me is equally at home “5 starring” as unwashed under the stars.


In adventure gaps, our husband and wife team founded . Hatched on a desert road trip to Amman Jordan with a well-earned Corona in hand, we created a not-for-profit fundraising initiative for the heartbreakingly wonderful charity, Facing Africa NOMA. Multi-day endurance racing through the Sahara (eek! twice!) and across the Alps definitely achieved the aim to “hurt” so others would “help”. Surely we have more in the tank there someday before too long?

But for all the rockstar travel and toenail-shedding challenges, it was the long weeks spent in dusty-dirty-definitely-NOT-Dubai Tabuk that I am so, so grateful for.

I am grateful for every failed good food hunt of town. I am grateful for each bulk buy of randomly available Aus lamb. I am grateful for the rare thrill of asparagus, even better looking fresh! I am grateful for every purchase of the world’s most expensive raspberries. I am grateful for every green mouthful my tiny veggie patch gave up. I am grateful for each over-stuffed suitcase of pantry ingredients I ever struggled home. I am grateful for zero places to confidently  dine out within hundreds of kilometres.

I am grateful for all this because it left me a food worshipping fool .. AND far, far less of a knob than I could have been having repeated “holidays of a lifetime” and everything I wanted at home too! And I really don’t want to be a knob, ya know? 🙂

Blenheim Beach, Jervis Bay Australia

So now?

Now, having returned to Australia this year, our roots are being blissfully driven deep into the white sand beaches of the south coast in Jervis Bay.

Now, I work to create this small space in a life split between beachside Aus and country France. I work to fill it with all that I find beautiful, useful, tasty or energetically fabulous.

Living well. Eating clean. Reducing toxins. Cooking from scratch. Being organised. Creating. Running. Swimming. Yoga. Tai chi. Loving. Laughing. Learning. Energy medicine. Essential oils. EFT. Emotional healing. Did I say learning?

And always, always enjoying this journey through our gloriously good life.

I thank you for your visit. I look forward to sharing and sharing and sharing.

For my pleasure, and perhaps yours ..

Much love, Shelley 🙂

16 thoughts on “Filling some blanks ..

  1. Jodie York

    It’s just like listening to you! Love your style. Love your story. Looking forward to witnessing and being a part of the next chapter in your lives. So glad you are home! xxxxx

    1. shelley@hhh Post author

      Sweetie! I have so much to share just now that morning tea would be a hoot! Much love and bags of thanks for the support xxx

  2. Dawn Williams

    I loved reading your blog as I always love to read about your adventures. I’m blessed to be part of your Tabuk adventure, especially sourcing the most expensive raspberries in the whole wide world!!
    I’m already looking forward to your next blog, take care and much love Dawn x x

    1. shelley@hhh Post author

      Hah! You were my raspberry dealer, right? And pineapple .. I wish you could deliver me that fresh cut pineapple .. Thanks for the loving support, sweets xx

  3. Esther

    Loved reading this Shelley. Love the “not Dubai” line. There were fresh raspberries in the shop yesterday! Miss you.


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