Fear and procrastibaking

I began this blog 12 years ago. I began it in my head.

It never made it to paper/screen/the ether. It never made it because I always had something to do first.

I had to finish that book that would tell me how.

I had to start that course that would make me literary perfection.

I had to make sure all my ducks were tidied and, most importantly, I had to ensure I had just finished a huge batch of hot and tasty procrastibaking. Said baking then delivered to a friend for essential cuppa and ensuing taste test. Naturally!

Can you ever have too much procrastibaking, I ask?

The hard truth is, my friends, you can!

You can because for me procrastibaking was really just fear with sprinkles on. Killing creativity. Crippling fun. Keeping me afraid.

Afraid that I might make mistakes. Might not be perfect. Might misspell. Might mis-punctuate (is that even a word? I refuse to Google it!). Might embarrass myself. Might be laughed at. Might not be any good. Might be ignored. Might NOT be ignored. Might be rubbish. Might .. on and on and on and on it goes.

And still goes…

But today? Today, all the positive Instagram slogans I have eaten up forever have finally edged ahead of my fear-filled procrastibaking.


Today, I leap into text. Today, I write for me. Today, I write to taste my gloriously good life twice.

My how and why-right-now?

Given at extreme risk of sounding like an Oscar winner…

• I am home: 12 years in the deserts of Saudi Arabia has lately been replaced by the white sand beaches and crystal clear water of Jervis Bay, Australia. Settling after more than 20 years abroad! Finding a space to create the future. Living a blessing.

• The RIGHT book at the right time (in my case two more were required)
– For uncorking my stifled creativity – The Artist’s Way – thank you, Mills!
– For reducing fear to a willing partner in this crime – Big Magic – thank you, Jodie!

• For mental clarity and increased energy – my naturopath, simple green smoothies, yoga & a conscious cleanse.

• For emotional freedom and the toolbox to take me there – thank you, beyond thanks, Roobie ..

• And always and ever the heart of my life, my darling husband, Gav. 
For believing I am fabulous, whatever I do. 
For being the support crew to my dreams. 
Thank you, lover, thank you.

So!? Tell me!?

What is it you are afraid to start? What would call you to action? Stop your own version of my very tasty procrastibaking?

My best and only advice would be .. do it for yourself and it cannot be wrong. Do it. Just do it!


PS And still more Nike .. feeling the fear as I press GO and doing it anyway! xx

15 thoughts on “Fear and procrastibaking

  1. Lizzie

    Love everything about this! Well done on the blog – looks lovely. I will be waiting to read all your tips and tricks and to be taken on a magical ride with your photography skills. You’re biggest fan!

    1. shelley@hhh Post author

      Thanks so much for your love and support, Lizzie .. I hope it will be just like the cuppas of old in your kitchen! Having a chat, having a laugh, swapping ideas .. hugs xx

  2. Tina

    Love it!!! I Remember that fear too – believe in
    what you love and you are passionate about and it will work out. Look forward to more xx????

    1. shelley@hhh Post author

      Thank you for the support, Tina and THANK you for the advice .. I hear you! Very much following your lead, hon. xx

  3. Emma

    Thank you for writing this amazing post. It is like you are in my head reading my thoughts and fears. Robbie would be so excited for you and I KNOW she is with us. The next question can I do it?

    1. shelley@hhh Post author

      Dear Emma, boy did I have a cry when I read your comment! Thank you! I know she is nodding with approval just now and I too have her near every day. How lucky are we?
      Hon, I truly think these thoughts are in every head, every day, all the time .. they are in mine now! Fear is such a tricky companion, isn’t he?
      My immediate answer to your question is YES without even knowing the WHAT. WHY? Because you bothered to ASK!
      Just put one foot on the ladder up and the skies will open before you .. begin.
      Good luck and please, keep me posted!! xx

  4. Millie

    Love this Shellster! Looking forward to reading more. And I’m re-reading Finding your own North Star by Martha Beck. Do you think Emma would like it?

    1. shelley@hhh Post author

      Thanks so much, lovely. You are the queen of the inspirational read so will def place this on my Shelley-Do list .. Will make sure Emma has this red hot tip too. Biggest love xxx

  5. Emma Warren

    Absolutely love this…I can hear you speaking it as I read – gentle wisdom, very eloquently conveyed. Well done you 🙂 I look forward to journeying with you.
    Em xx


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