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Recipe Love | Summer Spiced Fermented Cherries

When I see cherries, piled high, I cannot help myself but snaffle them by the overflowing handful. I eat and eat and eat ..

How wonderful to find a way to enjoy these beauties in a whole new, slightly more controlled, way .. to be able to save some for later (hah!) and get the benefits of a fermented, gut healthy treat too.

This recipe was gifted to me by the lovely Alaskan fermenter (thank you, Shabd Sangeet!). We have plans to roll this out over lots of different fruit with lots of different spices and herbs. It’s adaptable and delicious!

Summer Spiced Fermented Cherries

A divinely delicious way to improve gut function and cheer your day. Yum!

MAKES:   approx. 600ml jar   PREP TIME:   20 mins   FERMENT TIME:   2-3 days

500-600gr cherries – fresh/ frozen/ organic/ seed in or out – I buy extra to snack as I prep 😉
1 tablespoon raw honey
1/4 teaspoon Himalayan salt
2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
3-4 fresh sprigs of tarragon (I used thyme as I didn’t have tarragon .. be creative!)
1 whole allspice berry (I used a couple of star anise)
A few pieces of cinnamon bark
3 cloves
1/3 of a vanilla bean, split lengthwise

A little filtered water.

500 ml/ 16 oz sealable jar.

Fill jar with cherries (score each one if you leave the pits in), either fresh or frozen.

Add all ingredients to jar. I like to line them on the side as it looks pretty as it sits steeping in your kitchen.

Fill the remaining space with water and let it ferment for 2-3 days on the counter, then refrigerate.

The longer you keep them, the more they ferment and become sour.

The juice kept in the fridge becomes a great salad dressing when mixed with oil. It seems to keep until it is all used up, which for Shabd Sangeet is over a year!

Fermented cherries are great with cacao nibs, in coconut yogurt with shredded coconut and toasted nuts. On your porridge. On your granola. Actually anything!


Green Smoothies – fad, fetish, fabulous?

OK. So. You might feel that this whole green smoothie wagon is just the latest, trending, NYC, Bondi Beach, look-how-healthy-I-can-handle-my-milkshake kinda thing.

You might think it’s not your bag at all. That they taste as shockingly green as they look. That you would gag to try it yourself. 

I know exactly what you are thinking because I was right there with you .. until the day a friend gave me a Simple Green Smoothie Beginner’s Luck!

These days, I am less about recipes as I am clearing out my fruit bowl but, if you need tasty inspiration, you can do no better than to follow the amazing SGS girls ! They were an awesome start point for my brightly coloured journey.


Another thank you, Roobie .. xx

What’s in it for you?

  • Breakfast/snack on the go and a super healthy start to the day .. begin as you mean to go on!
  • A simple, yummy, fuss free way to pack yourself with nutrients and even possibly (oh-so on trend!) superfoods
  • Bags of gorgeous green fibre acting as a gentle, effective push-in-the-back for things you would rather have out than in 😉
  • Yay! Another piece in the puzzle for overall improved gut health .. happy days!


  1. Be organised. If it’s not easy, you won’t do it!
  2. Wash, bag and freeze your greens portions individually.
  3. Peel, chop and freeze bigger bags of pineapple chunks, chopped banana, berries, etc ready to grab quickly.
  4. Smoothies taste best with 2-3 pieces of fruit.
  5. Make sure to add at least one piece of frozen fruit to your smoothie. Even I cannot drink a warm one! 😉
  6. Buy up big on cheap seasonal produce, prepare and freeze it for later use.
  7. Check your blender is connected properly .. error that should only happen once but …..
  8. Blend your greens well with the liquid first to make sure it’s as chunk-less as possible.
  9. Chew any chunks you didn’t blend fully. It’s good for you!
  10. Smoothies last a couple of days in the fridge so feel free to make a double batch.
  11. SHAKE your pre-made smoothie BEFORE you look at it! 😉

Don’t be shy, kids! Get your smoothie on .. your colon will love you for it!


Recipe Love | Raw Choc Mmmmmint Bliss Balls


Hot, hot hot outside and going (kind of!) British inside, with a cooling cup of Pukka Three Mint tea and a “noice littl’ snack”!


MAKES: 30+ balls    PREP TIME: 10 mins

240g medjool or other sticky dates
130g nuts of your choice, I used pecan
65g raisins or sultanas
25g raw cacao powder or cocoa powder
Up to 2 tablespoons of water if required to bring mix together, depends on your date stickiness
3-4 drops of pure peppermint oil (Terry’s lover? why not try orange oil?!)

Blitz all in food processor on high for 1-2 mins or Thermomix for 30-40 seconds, speed 8. Add water gradually if required until all comes together in a thick paste. The nuts will still be visible and for me they add a Peppermint Crisp-like crunch to your finished balls. 😉

Take teaspoon (or bigger if you like) portions and roll into balls. I store mine in a jar in the fridge .. and while they last they really do look like kangaroo poo! (Roll in coconut if you like for a less finger-licking finish).

Enjoy with tea or as a healthy energy boost any time.

If you’d like to know more about my oily goodness then drop me a line on shelley@homehearthealth.com.au . Happy to share the joy .. international curiosity welcome too ..