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Recipe Love | Fermented Carrot, Ginger and Currant Salad, Kylie-style ..


Right to left, Yes-It’s-Fermented Salsa, Fermented Carrot Ginger & Currant Salad, and Kylie’s Kraut.

Kylie’s Fermented Carrot, Ginger and Currant Salad

A tasty side dish for improved gut function.

MAKES:   approx. 1 litre   PREP TIME:   10 mins   FERMENT TIME:   7-10 days

6 large carrots, grated
1 inch of unpeeled ginger, grated
1 1/2 teaspoons sea or Himalayan pink salt
2 tablespoons whey or other vegetable ferment starter
1/3 cup currants

2% brine solution as required (see table below to calculate)

A large pot to prepare mix
A 1.5 -2 litre sealable glass jar, you need room for your weights
Fermenting weights or a ziplock bag filled with a few rocks 🙂


Add all ingredients except additional brine solution in large pot then get in and mix it all about.

Transfer mix to sealable jar, making sure to press it all down firmly. Place weights to the top, pressing down again, to ensure the carrot mix stays submerged as it ferments.

NB This mix should produce enough liquid to self brine but if not cover with a 2% brine (see chart above). Top up brine if necessary.

Leave for 7-10 days out of direct sunlight to do its thing. In warm weather you are in for a treat with the bubble action going on day one!

Remember to “burp” your jar each day to prevent a build up of carbon dioxide. Not necessary if you are the lucky owner of an airlock.

Then refrigerate and use a little daily to dress up salads and snacks.

Will last at several months when sealed and stored in the fridge.

As Kylie says, if it’s not rotten .. it’s good! 🙂