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Owie Spray .. for kids of all sizes!

So! I didn’t think I was accident prone BUT turns out it’s a fab idea to keep this little bottle of goodness made up and handy at my house just now!

It all started with a tumble on a bush trail run a few weeks ago .. clumsy!

  • I treated minor grazes and bruising to the arm that broke my inelegant splat on the track.
  • Then it was a smashed-in-the-door finger needing treatment. Day one of home renovation is dangerous! Who knew?
  • Next (we think!) spider bite .. do spiders bite or sting? Possibly white tip nipping me on the wrist. Possibly bringing in the washing? So, no more washing it is then! 😉

Caution! Bush track. Beware trip hazards ..



I have this homemade skin remedy made up, ready to deal with all my ‘owie’ situations.
A natural, safe and gentle antibacterial wound spray that can help with cuts, abrasions, bites, stings, infections,
trauma and any other skin irritations that come my way.

PREP TIME:  5 mins    MAKES: 30 ml

Make Up this all natural “owie” blend in a glass spray bottle (about 30 ml or 1 oz) with:-
Frankincense     10 drops
Lavender            10 drops
Melaleuca           10 drops

Fill the bottle with doTERRA Fractionated (liquid) Coconut Oil and screw the top on tightly. ?

Shake the bottle before each use to distribute the oils.

Apply regularly to anything that hurts!

Enjoy the goodness!


Reach out and answer that push to a healthier you .. I would love to help! 🙂

*This trio of wonderfully pure essential oils are just a few of those I am loving exploring down here. We smell like a fabulously healthy spa retreat these days, and it’s good! 

Curious? Here or abroad .. just drop me a line on shelley@homehearthealth.com.au .

Happy to share the joy ..