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Owie Spray .. for kids of all sizes!

So! I didn’t think I was accident prone BUT turns out it’s a fab idea to keep this little bottle of goodness made up and handy at my house just now!

It all started with a tumble on a bush trail run a few weeks ago .. clumsy!

  • I treated minor grazes and bruising to the arm that broke my inelegant splat on the track.
  • Then it was a smashed-in-the-door finger needing treatment. Day one of home renovation is dangerous! Who knew?
  • Next (we think!) spider bite .. do spiders bite or sting? Possibly white tip nipping me on the wrist. Possibly bringing in the washing? So, no more washing it is then! 😉

Caution! Bush track. Beware trip hazards ..



I have this homemade skin remedy made up, ready to deal with all my ‘owie’ situations.
A natural, safe and gentle antibacterial wound spray that can help with cuts, abrasions, bites, stings, infections,
trauma and any other skin irritations that come my way.

PREP TIME:  5 mins    MAKES: 30 ml

Make Up this all natural “owie” blend in a glass spray bottle (about 30 ml or 1 oz) with:-
Frankincense     10 drops
Lavender            10 drops
Melaleuca           10 drops

Fill the bottle with doTERRA Fractionated (liquid) Coconut Oil and screw the top on tightly. ?

Shake the bottle before each use to distribute the oils.

Apply regularly to anything that hurts!

Enjoy the goodness!


Reach out and answer that push to a healthier you .. I would love to help! 🙂

*This trio of wonderfully pure essential oils are just a few of those I am loving exploring down here. We smell like a fabulously healthy spa retreat these days, and it’s good! 

Curious? Here or abroad .. just drop me a line on shelley@homehearthealth.com.au .

Happy to share the joy ..


Washing day meets natural, healthy, clean!

So, at the risk of sounding like a white’s-must-be-white clean freak, I want to share with you why I love washing .. or maybe it’s why I love washing now?

I love this process because, after years of living in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, I have a clothes line .. outside .. in the clean air!

I can peg up my clothes, dry them and bring them in! Sometimes in the sunshine. Sometimes in a blithering rush as the rain starts to pelt down. Always with that uplifting little click of the pegs hitting the basket.

I also have a laundry! With a sink for soaking (yes, absolutely, those white’s must be white) and joy of joys, I have found the means to make every load count as a way to better health for my family.

Really! Almost too much excitement for this bunny to bear.. lol .. I am laughing at myself here as I actually do mean every word of this and, yes, that does mean I am obsessed. 🙂

But, whether washing rocks your world or is just a never-ending chore to be endured, we can all benefit both physically and emotionally from improving the way we wash our clothes.

This everyday process can be simpler, cleaner, greener, cheaper and ultimately better for our health. It’s the perfect place to start reducing the toxic load placed on our lives by the synthetic nasties tucked into our day .. and yes-we-can still end up smelling sweet!

Why wouldn’t you?


Prep Time: same as now
Takes: same as now
Makes: twice as many loads as now


washing powder/liquid (see below)
bi-carb soda
white vinegar
100% pure essential oil of your choice, I love lemon or the Purify blend


  1. Use half the normal amount of your washing powder etc along with 1/3 cup of regular bi-carb soda.
    Manufacturers directions and a heavy hand have us over-using massively here. The excess detergent residue this leaves behind has an adverse effect on us, our clothes, our washing machines and the environment. Less equals win win win.
  2. Add a cup of vinegar to your softener compartment along with 2-3 drops of essential oil. I like Purify or lemon but you choice depends on your taste. Just make sure you choose a 100% pure oil with no synthetic fillers and you are adding only goodness.
  3. Be organised. If it’s not easy, you won’t do it!
    I like my stuff in jars, lined up and easy access .. whoops! Another obsession ..
  4. Done!

Little points of very big note ..

  • When searching out the “best” detergent look for one with no petroleum products, phosphates, chlorine, optical brighteners or synthetic fragrances and dyes.
    It can be tricky but you will find “the one”! Or join me in trying Soapnuts !
  • The bicarb and vinegar are natural fresheners, brighteners and softeners. All this whitening power is further amped up if you can line dry in the sunshine.
  • Adding the essential oil hit with your rinse will ensure any unwelcome smells are long gone. It also gives us that reassuring hint of fragrance we have come to expect from our clean clothes but without the synthetic toxins of fragrance filled softeners.
  • For my buds who live in the lands of dryers only I am about to pull together the easiest, cleanest, best smelling home-made dryer sheet option yet ..  hold on!
  • For my buds who need the extra boost of stain removal power .. hold on too .. but the vinegar/bicarb mix will transform your whites as-is!
  • Options for choosing your best wash day oils equally inbound along with why they benefit us emotionally too.

So much goodness to share .. busy day at the keyboard .. but after a swim thank you very much!

Local or international curiosity about these glorious oils oh-so welcome. I use, share, sell and love them .. drop me a line to find out how you can too .. happy to share the love. Shelley xx


Reach out and answer that push to a healthier you .. I would love to help! 🙂