Hello, welcome and thank you for being curious to learn a little more about the sToop!

Our sToop was created to be a beautiful and functional addition to your bathroom while helping you attain the ideal “squat” position with ease and comfort.

The natural squat position is created by simply sitting and popping your feet up on the sToop while on the toilet. This simple action raises our knees beyond 90 degrees and thereby improves our ability to eliminate with greater ease and efficiency.

Long, physiological story short?

Using a sToop can help us all in a multitude of ways: –

* to reduce the straining linked to bloating, constipation, haemorrhoids,   
* to take the strain from your pelvic floor muscles and assist in achieving continence,
* during pregnancy (again for pelvic floor care) and after in case of post-birth perineal trauma and other postpartum urgencies ..

Ideally proportioned to attain a comfortable squat position.
100% Australian artisan made.
Hand crafted in recycled Australian hardwood.
Each sToop is an individual of beauty and function.

Lovingly branded and oiled.
Ready to sit happily and oh-so helpfully in your home.

Only AUD$160

(shipped free within Australia*)

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Shelley xx