Kangaroo Valley Retreat

Is your world whizzing by at an ever increasing rate? Does the idea of just “stopping” fill you with joy? Are stress levels rising while sleep levels drop? Does anxiety affect digestion in your world? Maybe energy is flagging and brain fog is on the up? Skin issues, hormone peaks and troughs, allergies? How’s your immune system going? Or would you simply love to find ways to help you and your family negotiate today in the best possible shape for a happy and healthy future?

Some, any or all of these sound familiar?

This August our Restore and Rebalance Retreat, tucked away deep in the bushland of Kangaroo Valley, is all about:

  • taking a moment to refill your personal space, grace and ease balance .. taking a moment to stop ..
  • helping you understand the beautiful connection between your emotions, your hormones, your gut and this crazy suitcase of symptoms above
  • finding ways to achieve any changes you want, without overwhelm!

Our team of passionate facilitators are all there to help arm you with simple, practical tools to take away and use in your every day life, long beyond this weekend. To show you the small steps and achievable additions to your life that can start wheels moving for positive change. For you. For those you love.

Optional practice, workshops and skills available include:

  • Meditation, Flex & Flow and Restorative yoga is shared with love daily by Annette Wallington-Jones of Lifestyle Synergy
  • The Happy Gut, Happy You Workshop will teach you practical, hands-on skills and knowledge to go home and make your own fermented foods.
    Our very own happy gut guru, Kylie Penn, will explain the how and why of kraut and it’s bubbly sidekicks as we all make friends over cabbage.
    Learning how this basic, old-fashioned addition to your diet can positively impact your mental, emotional and physical well-being is a true gift. Enjoy Kylie’s love of sharing here!
  • Finding emotional release and balance is my area of special interest and I am excited to share some of the energetic skills I have been practicing for the last decade .. we will look at simple yet powerful ways to manage stress and anxiety in your life. Learn how to increase and harness your positive emotions for health and happiness. And, on the flip side, how you can release negative emotions .. quickly!
    This will be presented by me, Shelley Phillips. 🙂

Our Restore and Rebalance Retreat is hosted by Jacks Corner Retreat, a unique and peaceful homestead nestled in amongst 40 acres of unspoilt rainforest and native bushland in magnificent Kangaroo Valley, NSW.

Our generous and locally sourced menu is cooked from scratch catering using the best seasonal produce. Your meal can be adjusted by dietary concern or restriction. Just let us know when you book.

Massage is an optional extra and available by pre-booking with the skilled Kate Stein of Hypo Healing & Massage. There are limited spaces for a 60 minute treatment at a fee of $80. Again, just let us know when you book and we will schedule your pamper!

** Our numbers are strictly limited to 20 retreaters .. whether you do a little or a lot this weekend .. you will feel the benefit of space, nourishment and our loving nurture. We are so happy to welcome you along. **

With love,
xx Shelley

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