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Pregnancy, birth and pelvic floors.

For all those beauties who are joyously continuing the train of human procreation. I’d like to share with you a little something to help your physical journey as new life burgeons within you.

Say hello to the sToop .. a toilet footstool to make everyday in the bathroom easier, healthier, happier .. in pregnancy and beyond.

sToop in position

Correct sToop position



















* Pre birth? Popping your feet up on a sToop for number one or two significantly relieves the pressure your growing bundle is adding to your elastic pelvic floor muscles.

* Post birth? Assists you as you transition past that dreaded first poop point ..

* Suffering from constipation now you and bub(s) are co-habiting?

But how does this beautiful little piece of handmade, recycled timber, looks-fabulous-in-my-home furniture help with all this?

For the uninitiated, it is widely accepted (not least by the two thirds of humanity who naturally squat to poop) that Western toilets do not help us achieve the optimal position for easy and complete defecation. Sitting upright, with your knees often not even at 90 degrees, equates to varying levels of strain that can lead to a gamut of potential health problems. Of which, constipation, haemorrhoids, incontinence,  colon disease, prostate and gynaecological dysfunction name only a few.

The solution? We simply raise our feet by placing them onto the sToop to elevate our knees higher than 90 degrees. This mimics the squat position in a readily achievable manner. Voila, we naturally attain a fuller, easier emptying of our bowel .. pregnant or no .. and there is minimal strain and maximum support to your beloved pelvic floor too.

Happy days!

If you haven’t already, click here to read the beautiful Wholesome Cook, Martyna’s, review of  new motherhood with her sToop and grab her lactation smoothie to boot!

Great tips, lovely! Thanks for rating your sToop so highly. Thrilled it helped you so much.  xx

Green Smoothies – fad, fetish, fabulous?

OK. So. You might feel that this whole green smoothie wagon is just the latest, trending, NYC, Bondi Beach, look-how-healthy-I-can-handle-my-milkshake kinda thing.

You might think it’s not your bag at all. That they taste as shockingly green as they look. That you would gag to try it yourself. 

I know exactly what you are thinking because I was right there with you .. until the day a friend gave me a Simple Green Smoothie Beginner’s Luck!

These days, I am less about recipes as I am clearing out my fruit bowl but, if you need tasty inspiration, you can do no better than to follow the amazing SGS girls ! They were an awesome start point for my brightly coloured journey.


Another thank you, Roobie .. xx

What’s in it for you?

  • Breakfast/snack on the go and a super healthy start to the day .. begin as you mean to go on!
  • A simple, yummy, fuss free way to pack yourself with nutrients and even possibly (oh-so on trend!) superfoods
  • Bags of gorgeous green fibre acting as a gentle, effective push-in-the-back for things you would rather have out than in 😉
  • Yay! Another piece in the puzzle for overall improved gut health .. happy days!


  1. Be organised. If it’s not easy, you won’t do it!
  2. Wash, bag and freeze your greens portions individually.
  3. Peel, chop and freeze bigger bags of pineapple chunks, chopped banana, berries, etc ready to grab quickly.
  4. Smoothies taste best with 2-3 pieces of fruit.
  5. Make sure to add at least one piece of frozen fruit to your smoothie. Even I cannot drink a warm one! 😉
  6. Buy up big on cheap seasonal produce, prepare and freeze it for later use.
  7. Check your blender is connected properly .. error that should only happen once but …..
  8. Blend your greens well with the liquid first to make sure it’s as chunk-less as possible.
  9. Chew any chunks you didn’t blend fully. It’s good for you!
  10. Smoothies last a couple of days in the fridge so feel free to make a double batch.
  11. SHAKE your pre-made smoothie BEFORE you look at it! 😉

Don’t be shy, kids! Get your smoothie on .. your colon will love you for it!


Interview | Chatting today with Wholesome Cook, author, blogger, Martyna Angell


Martyna in her kitchen creative space. Gorgeous pic by, Michele Froidevaux.

Feeling excited and oh-so lucky today as I share my interview with the lovely and generous food blogger and author, Martyna Angell.

With a gorgeously recipe-packed blog, a huge social media following and a newly released book, voted by Better Reading 2015 as “one of the top 10 Cookbooks for Christmas”, I am thrilled newbie me has been blessed with the chance to shed a little more light on this gifted individual.

Here we go! 🙂

Martyna is a cookbook author & photographer, health coach, food writer, recipe developer and blogger. Her book, “The Wholesome Cook : Refined sugar-free wholefood recipes for how we eat now”  was published by Harlequin MIRA in October 2015 and immediately caused a buzz with its sensible, achievable yet creatively tasty approach to wholefood, good eating and healthy living. Continue reading